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Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon in Daytona Beach, FL

Undergoing plastic surgery can be an overwhelming process and choosing the right plastic surgeon for you is crucial to making sure you have a successful and comfortable process. It’s often difficult to know where to start when choosing your plastic surgeon. We want to...

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Tattoos Don’t Have to Last Forever in Daytona Beach

Tattoos have become one of the most common forms of self expression, with countless people adorning themselves with words and images to last a lifetime. And while tattoos may seem like a good idea in the moment, many people discover that the inspiration behind their...

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Why Use Antioxidants and Sunscreen Together?

Antioxidants have become a popular marketing staple in the beauty and fitness industry, even if you eat all the right foods and take your vitamins it's just as important to apply an active topical antioxidant daily under your sunscreen to prevent external oxidative...

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Causes of Facial Wrinkles

With the ongoing trend to prevent the signs of aging, much focus has been on how to prevent facial lines and wrinkles. Repetitive actions like how we sleep, mouth movement, facial expression, smoking, sun exposure, drinking from a straw and even how we look down at...

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