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Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment in Daytona Beach, FL

Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment in Daytona Beach, FL Get proven results with Cellfina™, the first long-lasting, minimally invasive solution proven to smooth away cellulite dimples for at least three years in a single treatment. Sergio M. Zamora MD, FACS offers Cellfina™ for men and women who live in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding communities of Florida.

What Is Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

Are you hiding your thighs and buttocks at the beach? Don’t sweat the cellulite! Cellfina™ helps smooth away cellulite dimples for long-lasting results. If you have dimpled cellulite regions that are lowering your self-confidence and you would like to see your natural smooth skin restored without the lumpy effects of cellulite, then Cellfina™ may be just right for you. The Cellfina™ system treats the primary structural causes of dimpled cellulite, which are the connective bands woven throughout the fat in awoman’s thighs and buttocks. Cellfina™ works by releasing those fibrous bands underneath your skin, known as "septae", that can pull down on your skin and effectively create cellulite. The Cellfina™ procedure releases your skin from these cellulite-causing bands, smoothing the skin. Utilizing the advanced technology of Cellfina™, Dr. Zamora performs a subcisionof the fibrous attachments between the skin and fat layers in dimpled cellulite areas on the backs of your legs and buttock, which lifts the skin with suction, allowing those fibrous bands to be cut at such a level that they don’t reform, resulting in nice smooth skin for you.

Benefits of a Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment

Intended for long-term treatment in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh areas of women, Cellfina™ treats the tight bands that make up cellulite, and which pull down on your skin, creating the puckering you see on the surface of the skin. Cellfina™ combines a proven approach with innovative, proprietary technology to treat the primary structural cause of cellulite.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

In a short amount of time, Cellfina™ has become the gold standard for the release of cellulite dimples, and any patient who is struggling with mild to moderate cellulite aroundtheir thighs and buttocks could be a candidate for Cellfina™. If you are no longer comfortable with the appearance of your thighs or buttocks due to cellulite, then get ready to celebrate the end of cellulite, thanks to Dr. Zamora and Cellfina™.

What Do I Need To Do Before A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

Preparing for your cellulite reduction treatments takes very little time. Dr.Zamora is the most thoroughly attentive physician you will ever meet, and he will help keep you fully at ease. During your consultation, Dr. Zamora will discuss any preparations that you will need to take for this treatment, so schedule your consultation today.

Cellfina Before and After

What Should I Expect On The Day Of My Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

First, your cellulite dimples will be marked. Then, Dr. Zamora delivers a local numbing agent followed by the treatment itself, which is quick and free from discomfort. Afterwards, most patients are able to go back to their normal routine within a couple of days. Your results are visible in as little as three days, and those results are still evident two years after treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Perform A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

In just one 45-minute treatment with Cellfina™, Dr. Zamora can significantly improve the appearance of dimpled cellulite on your buttocks and thighs.

What To Expect After A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

Patients will need to wear a compression garment for about three to seven days following your procedure. And while you may feel some degree of soreness, it typically resolves in a day or two. In some cases, bruising after a Cellfina™ treatment can be significant, and may last for two weeks.

Will I Have Scars After Getting A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

The precision of the Cellfina™ system for eliminating cellulite means that most patients will not develop any visible scars.

When Will I See The Results?

The results of Cellfina™ are exciting, and they include flat and toned skin throughout your treatment sites after a single appointment, with results evident in as few as three days.

What Are Possible Complications Of A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment?

During your Cellfina™ cellulite treatment consultation with Dr. Zamora, the procedure will be explained in detail, as Dr. Zamora takes all the time necessary to find out about your goals for the surgery, in addition to discussing any possible complications of a Cellfina™ cellulite treatment procedure. The most common side effects reported were soreness, tenderness, and bruising.

How Long Will The Results Of A Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment Last?

The results of your Cellfina™ cellulite treatment will last for up to three years, which is why Cellfina™ with Dr. Zamora is such an invaluable investment in your current and future quality of life. Cellfina™ treats the primary structural cause of dimpled cellulite for a smooth and healthy look that gives you back your confidence to wear a bathing suit and higher hemlines again. The Cellfina™ system is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite.

How Much Does a Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment Cost in Daytona Beach?

Because each patient has a different goal in mind, your Cellfina™ cellulite treatment costs will vary. During your consultation, all of your questions will be answered, and we will give you a better idea of what to expect for your fee. The fee charged for your care is based on a number of factors, including the difficulty of your operation and other factors related to your surgery, and as a result,the cost of Cellfina™ cellulite treatment varies with each patient. Fees are typically paid for in advance, and in addition to accepting cash, checks, and most major credit cards, we also offer convenient financing. Sergio M. Zamora MD, FACS is passionately committed to reflecting your inner beauty. Using the latest and most advanced procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, our team offers full body plastic surgery, emphasizing overall health and wellness to the residents of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding communities in Florida. Contact us now!