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Undergoing any plastic surgery can be an overwhelming process, but most people don’t realize the surgery and recovery can be made so much easier with the right preparations in place. Dr. Zamora wanted to share with you five tips to help you prepare for your body contouring procedure and make your surgical experience a positive one.

1. Stabilize Your Weight

One of the most important things to keep in mind when considering a body contouring procedure, like liposuction or liposculpture, is your weight. We always recommend you stabilize your weight for a significant amount of time before undergoing any body sculpting procedure. If your weight isn’t stable and you yo-yo up and down post-surgery, you’re not going to maintain the results you desire. Remember, body contouring is a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise, not a replacement.

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2. Recruit a Buddy

Before your body contouring procedure, make sure you enlist a close friend or family member to drive you home after your surgery and stay with you for the first portion of your recovery. You’ll want to make sure this is someone you’re really comfortable with, like a best friend, parent or significant other, as they’ll be helping you change, bathe and make your way to and from the bathroom.

3. Schedule Recovery Time

This one may seem obvious but is often underestimated. Many patients don’t realize exactly how long they need to be resting to make a strong and full recovery before returning to work, while others don’t feel it’s necessary to take that much time off after their procedure. We can’t stress the importance of having enough time off to let yourself rest, come to your follow-up appointments and get back into your regular daily routine before returning to work.

4. Prepare for Scarring

With any surgery, there comes scarring. Body contouring and cosmetic procedures are no different. While the scarring will be made as discrete as possible, take into account that incisions can sometimes be large. A tummy tuck, for example, often leaves scars along the bikini line from one hip to the other. Other body sculpting procedures like brachioplasty and a thigh lift have the potential to leave a scar across the length of the upper arm or leg. Ask your doctor about post-surgical scar creams, and don’t get nervous if you see a scar forming after your surgery. It’s totally normal.

5. Find the Right Doctor

This is another point that we cannot stress enough. In the United States, any surgeon has the ability to perform plastic surgery, even if they don’t specialize in it. It’s critical to find a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, like Dr. Sergio Zamora, to perform your procedure. Being board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery proves to you they are highly qualified and technically trained to be doing your body contouring procedure with the best results and a smooth recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about preparing for your body contouring procedure, call us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Zamora. He’ll sit down with you, get all your questions answered, and develop a personalized treatment plan based on your desired goals.